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The Cruiser is a type of heavily-armed and armored capital warship in both the UNSC and Covenant fleets, emphasizing weaponry and armor over starfighter complements.


Even though both major fleets possessed warships of such classifications, the tactical philosophies of the two species were different. The Covenant, while possessing many different cruiser classifications, used carriers as the powerhouses of their fleets. The UNSC, on the other hand, used cruisers as their heaviest warships.

However, it should be noted that Covenant cruisers dwarfed their UNSC counterparts and are much more powerful. For example, even the smallest Covenant cruisers contain powerful shields that are capable of withstanding several MAC rounds.[1] An example of this occurred during the Battle of Chi Ceti, during which Captain Wallace led a single UNSC frigate against an overwhelmingly large Covenant light cruiser.[2]


Furthermore, there are likely to be different sub-classifications of cruisers: light cruisers, armored cruisers, heavy cruisers, battlecruisers, and supercruisers, in order of increasing tonnage and power.

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