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In Halo: Reach, credits are awarded for obtaining medals, getting kills, or doing other acts. The total of all awarded bounty credits is shown as Commendations in the post-game cR breakdown.

Matchmaking Credit AmountsEdit

The following are known credit amounts in multiplayer matchmaking.

  • +4 cR are rewarded for a kill without any medals (killing a single enemy with a shotgun or a grenade etc.)
  • +6 cR are rewarded for an assist.
  • +7 cR are added for killing an enemy with a Headshot.
  • +8 cR for a Pummel medals.
  • +1 cR are rewarded for beat downs (assassinations without the animation.)
  • +2 cR for assassinations.
  • +7 cR are added for a KftG, Revenge, EMP, First Strike medal, and Reload This! etc.
  • +10 cR are rewarded for consecutive kill medals (i.e. Overkill)
  • +10 cR are rewarded for each spree medal (i.e. Killing Frenzy)


The formula for calculating the total cR earned is:

Base Kill points + Style Medals + Miscellaneous Medals + Consecutive Medals + Spree Medals = Total cR

An example would be:

"A player manages to get a Overkill, by first getting an Triplekill with a rocket launcher then finishing another enemy with a headshot."

The cR gained from this situation would grant:

[4cR (4) = 16cR] + 7cR + 0cR + 40cR + 0cR = 63cR total

Another example would be:

"In a game of SWAT another player kills an enemy with a headshot."

That player would be awarded 11cR [4cR (base) + 7cR (headshot)].

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