Crash site

A SPARTAN-III defending the generator against an Elite.

Crash Site is a Halo: Reach Firefight gametype. It is featured in the Score Attack playlist.[1] It is a single round composed of 5 waves of enemies (on Heroic difficulty for matchmaking). The player, Spartan, must defend a single generator from the attacking waves of enemies, similar to Generator Defense.

Matchmaking SetupEdit

In matchmaking Score Attack, Crash site can appear as an option. It is a one-player game but counts as Firefight Matchmaking.

The Spartan has infinite ammo with DMR and Pistol loadouts, using evade, sprint, jetpack, active camouflage or armor lock.

The 5 waves are as follows:

  1. Two drop ships laden with grunts. Get your DMR handy. Useful for collecting a heavy weapon (such as the fuel rod gun) for later waves.
  2. Two drop ships laden with Jackal/Skirmisher teams. Shielded, needle rifles and focus beams present.
  3. Two drop ships laden with Brute/Jackal teams. All enemies seem weaker than usual.
  4. Two drop ships laden with Elite/Jackal teams.
  5. Final two drops ships with Elite/Skirmisher teams.

Although Heroic, the enemies seem very weak with Elites dying from just two concussion rifle shots.

Additional traitsEdit

The Spartan player has normally recharging 2x overshields and infinite ammo. This makes plasma overcharge shots much less dangerous (removing 75% of the overshield layer). It also allows the player to utilise heavy weapons such as the fuel rod gun and concussion rifle at close range without taking major damage initially.

Skulls cloud and tough luck are on, however most enemies are noisy enough to render cloud a minor nuisance only.

The generator has a lockdown sequence, manually activated, which makes it immune to all attacks. This lasts for a reasonably long time - roughly 15 to 20 seconds - with only a 2 second cooldown per use, making it very stable. However, if hit whilst out of lockdown, it can take large damage quickly from all troops.

There are a total of 120 enemies present for the waves, making good for mass kill challenges for either Firefight or any game mode in reach requirements.

Win ConditionsEdit

The player wins Crash Site by eliminating all enemies, and having the generator still intact. If the generator is destroyed, or the player dies, the round is over and considered a loss.


All gathered information from Overlook map variant. Results may differ for other map types. Basic mechanics should remain the same.


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