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The Cowardly Grunt is a Special Dialogue Grunt found in the Halo 2 level Uprising.


The Cowardly Grunt is located next to two dead Grunts in the first room after the cavern. Upon approaching him, he will say:

Please, no hurt! Me like Elites. Brutes stinky bad bad. Me stay here, make sure no Brutes come behind mighty Arbiter. Heh, heh... Eh?


  • The Cowardly Grunt is the only Special Dialogue Grunt who is actually an ally, since you are playing as Thel 'Vadamee when you find him.
  • The Cowardly Grunt is also the only Special Dialogue Grunt who is not seen in an end-game Warthog Run.

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Cowardly Grunt
Cowardly Grunt
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