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The Covenant Frigate[2] is a medium-tonnage warship, seeming to be among the smallest and most common warship types in the Covenant Navy.


These starships are equipped with many pulse lasers for point-defense and one to three Plasma Torpedo launchers on a lateral surface. They have participated in most Covenant-UNSC space engagements. They are larger than a UNSC frigate or UNSC destroyer, and like most other Covenant warships, they have a curving, bulbous shape.

Furthermore, the Sangheili also equipped their warships with anti-Plasma Torpedo "counter guiding signal" systems.[3] The Jiralhanae stole this technology during the Covenant Civil War and equipped some of their Frigates, such as the Revenant, Twilight Compunction and Tenebrous, with such devices. However, they did not understand the full intricacies of the system, thus limiting their effectiveness.

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