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DDS-class carrier
Production information





Technical information


1,455 metres (4,770 ft)[1]


1,186 metres (3,890 ft)[1]

Engine unit(s)

Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive


Power output



Resistant to 3 MAC rounds or greater than 1 Plasma Torpedo


Resistant to 100+ Archer missiles

Navigation system

Associated Intelligence




  • Carriers
  • Support


Human-Covenant war, Covenant Civil War


Covenant Navy

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The DDS-class carrier[1] is a heavy warship classification within the Covenant Navy. It is 1,455 meters long[2] and is armed with Pulse laser turrets and two Plasma Torpedoes.


Its primary role in combat is to dispatch single ship star fighters and other smaller ships, as it boasts three squadrons of Seraph fighters,[3] two hundred Banshees and thirty-four Spirits/Phantoms. These ships are carried in the DDS-class carriers thirteen launch bays.[4]

It has been hypothesized that since the Covenant DDS-class carrier is longer than the Covenant Cruiser and much more uncommon in a Covenant fleet, it is most likely a more powerful warship overall, though it is smaller than the more powerful Covenant supercruiser. Alternatively, it is likely used for command and control over larger numbers of warships and deploying waves of star fighter craft.

There may be some dispute over the length of the DDS-class carrier, for example in Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, it mentions that the Incorruptible, a Reverence-class Cruiser, which is 3000 meters long, took cover behind the Carrier Lawgiver. However, the Incorruptible merely took cover behind the other ship, using the Carrier's shields as a barrier to protect itself.

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