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The Covenant Laws are a system of rules established by the Covenant Hierarchs, enforced through a set of institutions, and used as an instrument to underpin civil obedience, politics, economics, and society.

The LawsEdit

  1. The modifying of Covenant and Forerunner equipment without the permission of the Hierarchs should be counted as Heresy and the persons responsible be executed publicly.[1][2]
  2. The wielding of an unholstered weapon in the presence of a Prophet is a capital offence.[2]
  3. The failure to obey an order, which directly causes the endangerment of a Prophet, can lead to beheading.[3]
  4. The destruction of Forerunner equipment can be punishable by genocidal war.[1][2]
  5. Rebellion against the Covenant and Great Journey can result in execution.
  6. Failure of a Kig-Yar to report non-violent contact with the enemy is punishable by castration.[2]
  7. Failure to protect a Forerunner artifact will lead to execution.[4]


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