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A picture of the Covenant camping stool

The Covenant Camping Stool is a device that the Covenant use for sitting. They are a base and seat connected by a single gravity beam. These stools can be found in Halo 3's Campaign and on multiplayer maps such as Snowbound. When destroyed they do not cause any harm to the player but make a small explosion that can send objects hurtling, especially if the "Cowbell" skull on. In the Campaign they are seen in Sierra 117, Tsavo Highway, The Ark and The Covenant. They are only known as "stools" by their Forge name. Covenant Camping Stools take up $2 in the player's Forge budget, and prove to be helpful for creating scenery in a custom map.


  • No Covenant have been seen sitting on them in the games.
  • It's possible that the Gravity Throne is a more advanced version of this device.

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