Corporal Harland's Fireteam was an UNSC Marine squad fought in the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. It consisted of four marines whose names were Corporal Harland, Privates Fincher, Walker, and Cochran.


Battle of Sigma Octanus IVEdit

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During the battle, their squad and two others were sent on a recon patrol to set up motion sensors at Grid 13 x 24, but were ambushed by the Covenant. All three squads were destroyed by a Hunter's Assault Cannon, except for Harland's fireteam, who escaped on their Warthog. Cochran took a Needler round to his stomach, and Walker was frozen up with fear and shock. The marines quickly filled Cochran with biofoam, as the Needler round had exploded in him. They drove back to Firebase Bravo, but found it, and all of the marines present at the time, destroyed.

They witnessed the bond brother of the Hunter they had seen earlier kill a group of marines hiding in a river bank, and promptly fled. They made their way to Alpha Base, and were attacked by a pair of Banshees. Walker refused to shoot the Banshees with his Jackhammer launcher, but Cochran, despite his serious injuries, shot both down. Upon arriving at Alpha Base, they found it too was decimated by the Covenant, with only fourteen survivors. Corporal Harland assumed command and called in for evacuation, and received three squads of SPARTAN-IIs.

As the Spartans resumed command of the situation, the squad was left behind to guard the base and tend to their wounded. They were later seen boarding the Pelican to safety.

Known MembersEdit


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