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The final moments aboard Orbital Gamma Station, a human communications space station.

DMP - Condemned


Halo: Reach



Reach Station Gamma, in orbit over Reach


A UNSC gamma station



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Condemned is one of three multiplayer maps in the Defiant map pack for Halo: Reach. It is set in the human space station known as Reach Station Gamma, overlooking the planet Reach. Prior to the Fall of Reach, this space station was essential in providing long-range communications for the UNSC between Reach and Earth.


  • If one looks outside the map, they can see a UNSC frigate battling a Covenant corvette. You can also see Banshees and Sabres engaging each other, as well as large pieces of wreckage from the station.
  • It is possible to get out of the map and into space by using the Pan Cam.
  • In the background of the map one can see the fully glassed, and still burning, planet Reach.
  • The Banshees engaging the Sabres in space are normal Banshees, not Space Banshees.
  • Condemned was originally featured in the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach, when John-117 had to board it to destroy the navigation data of a ship docked in the station.
  • The low-gravitational area in the station was intended to have a laser that would fire through the center and eliminate the player. Though it was taken out of the final version of the map.
  • If the player was to set player gravity to 50% via game options, entering the low-gravitational room and jumping once would get the player stuck on the ceiling.
  • This map originally contained a Pelican instead of a Sabre in the repair bay.




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