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A player is shown looking at his commendations menu.

Commendations are awards given to players to recognize excellence in a certain field. In Halo 4 commendations can be earned by performing certain feats in War Games and Spartan Ops or by completing campaign missions on Legendary. Players earn experience as they complete commendation levels. The commendations are divided into 5 categories: weapons, Enemies, Vehicles, Player, and Game Types.

Commendations engrain all aspects of the Halo 4 experience.  While most commendations are geared mainly towards matchmaking, some categories such as the Vehicle category commendations can be earned in matchmaking or Spartan Ops. The Enemies category can ONLY be earned in Spartan Ops. Regardless of which commendation or category every commendation will eventually reward your Spartan with new Armor, Armor Skins, Weapon Skins, Emblems or Stances.

Most commendations have between 5 and 7 levels. Completing each level earns players XP. Points earned towards a commendation reset at each level, e.g. if Novice is 10 kills and Qualified is 25 kills, you must get 35 kills to complete Qualified.

  • Novice
  • Qualified - when commendation consists of 7 levels
  • Proficient
  • Adept
  • Expert
  • Distinguished - when commendation consists of 6 or 7 levels
  • Master


Halo 4 Commendations
Weapons UNSC

Assault RifleDMRPistolSniper RifleShotgunBattle RifleRailgunSticky DetonatorRocket LauncherSpartan LaserFrag GrenadeSAWUNSC Loadout MasteryUNSC Ordnance Mastery


Energy SwordNeedlerStorm RifleCovenant CarbinePlasma PistolPlasma GrenadeGravity HammerFuel Rod CannonBeam RifleConcussion RifleCovenant Loadout MasteryCovenant Ordnance Mastery


Light RifleSuppressorScattershotBoltshotBinary RifleIncineration CannonPulse GrenadeForerunner Loadout MasteryForerunner Ordnance Mastery

Mounted Turret
Weapon Mastery
Enemies Covenant Enemy

Grunt SlayerGrunt Imperial SlayerGrunt Ultra SlayerJackal SlayerJackal Major SlayerJackal Ranger SlayerElite SlayerElite Zealot SlayerElite Officer SlayerElite General SlayerHunter SlayerCovenant Destroyer

Forerunner Enemy

Crawler SlayerCrawler Sniper SlayerCrawler Prime SlayerKnight SlayerKnight Battlewagon SlayerKnight Commander SlayerWatcher SlayerForerunner Destroyer


SplatterWheelmanMongoose DestroyerWarthog DestroyerMantis DestroyerScorpion DestroyerGhost DestroyerBanshee DestroyerWraith DestroyerVehicle Mastery

Player Campaign


War Games

Spartan SlayerBullet in the BrainFirst StrikeMultikillAssassinKilling SpreeAssistantProtectorClose QuartersCombat OpportunityPaybackAvengerFrom the BrinkHail of DeathPerfectionExterminator

Game Types Slayer

Slayer VictorySlayer High ScoreSlayer Mastery


Regicide VictoryKingslayerExecutionerRegicide Mastery

Capture the Flag

Flag VictoryDeadly FlagCarrier TakedownDefender of the FlagCapture the Flag Mastery


Oddball VictoryCarry the OddballOddball BeatdownDrop that Ball!Oddball Mastery

King of the Hill

King of the Hill VictoryTop of the HillHill DefenseKing of the Hill Mastery


Dominion VictoryCapturedBase DefenseDominion Mastery


Flood VictoryThe ParasiteGravemind

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