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SURGEON was a code name adopted by an Office of Naval Intelligence operative with Section III and was a leader of Operation: HYPODERMIC in 2552. This operative's Section III Operator Number is AA2.

The earliest mention of SURGEON was in 2532, when he/she received a message concerning the SPARTAN-III program from Codename: COALMINER. The message noted that the early stages of preparation for SPARTAN-III Alpha Company were progressing satisfactorily and expressed confidence in Kurt-051's training regimen.[1]

SURGEON was later informed by Codename: COALMINER of a potential breach of security when Cortana broke into the ONI database and discovered that the UNSC Circumference was an ONI Prowler. COALMINER then deleted the ship from the Reach database.[2]

On December 31, 2552, Surgeon filed a report to Codename: USUAL SUSPECTS entitled "Historical/Psychological Analysis of Cole, Preston J." The extensive report outlined the life and career of Admiral Preston Cole and postulated that he was in fact alive and living outside UNSC-controlled space. The report was filed from the UNSC Point of No Return in synchronous orbit on the far side of Luna.


"SURGEON"'s true name and rank are unknown. It is possible, though not probable, that SURGEON is Colonel James Ackerson, though unlikely as he was dead by November of 2552.

SURGEON's report on Admiral Cole provides additional clues as to his or her identity. However, the date at which the report was filed would suggest that SURGEON is not Ackerson, who was captured, tortured, and beheaded by the Jiralhanae chieftain Lepidus following the Battle of Mare Erythraeum in November 2552; this is corroborated by Cortana during the short story Human Weakness.[3] The final line of the report, however, could suggest that SURGEON is in fact Ackerson, presuming the report were completed before his death and filed posthumously. SURGEON attempts to answer the question of what should happen if Cole should return and side against the UNSC, stating: "I, for one, have lost my stomach for killing legends."[4] This could refer to Ackerson's attempt to kill John-117.


Codename: SURGEON's gender is unknown. However, SURGEON is referred to as "sir" by Codename: COALMINER.[5] However, the title "sir" is not entirely restricted to males, and females are referred to as "sir" on some occasions.[6]


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