The Storm Cigarettes

Unbranded cigarette boxes can be found on the ground on The Storm.

Cigarettes are a tobacco product manufactured and "smoked" by humans. Cigarettes and cigars have been around for centuries.

Cigarettes are protected from moisture damage by waterproof seals. Some cigarettes appear to have "ignition ends" which light the cigarette by tapping its end, without the need for external flammable implements.[1] Cigarettes requiring more traditional means of ignition are also available.[2] It is also rather remarkable that cigarettes have survived as a produced good well into the 26th century, considering how today cigarettes are being phased out towards the goal of stopping smoke related cancer, it is however entirely possible that tobacco products in the Halo universe are scientifically designed to simulate the cigarettes of today but without any ill health effects. There were cigarette consumption ordinances in effect for ODSTs.[2] Tobacco Gum was an alternative product. It is known that cancer was cured sometime before the 26th century so lung cancer could be relatively easy to cure by the 2500s.

Known UsersEdit


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