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Chur'R-Mut was a Kig-Yar Shipmistress. She captained the Kig-Yar ship, A Psalm Every Day.[1] She was ordered by the High Prophet of Regret to assist Thel 'Vadamee in his search for Kig-Yar making Covenant weapons for Humans, carrying a pack of Jiralhanae under Chieftain Pellius. When the two vessels discovered the Rubble, A Psalm Every Day fired on Thel's ship, Retribution's Thunder. Pellius then sent a mocking message to Thel, and Chur'R-Mut was no where to be seen, indicating that the chieftain had overthrown her as well. The shipmistress is presumed dead.


  • Her name is nearly identical to Chur'R-Yar's and so is her role. Perhaps indicating that the "Chur'R" within her and Yar's name is a prefix given to Ship mistresses.
  • The Brute on her ship could have been responsible for her death as she was not present when contact was made as they betrayed the Elites.



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