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Chris Opdahl is a Bungie employee who designed Campaign levels for Halo 3 [1] and serves as the campaign design lead for Halo: Reach.[2]


Nickname: Copdahl

Classification: Middle School

Current Job: Mission Designer

Origin: Classified

Blood Type: A+

Age: "Whatcha say sonny?"

Weight: A buck sixty five

Height: 5 bucks 10

Girth: Bucktastic

First Job: 3D Artist at 3DO (the d'oh!)

Hobby: PC games, random art fancies, console games, perfecting my lemming Halo strategy,

Ultimate Halo Match: Big team battle on Sandtrap. 2v2 on Guardian

Ultimate Snack: Beer

Ultimate Website:

Mode of Transport: The Dirty Destiny

Fake Weapon: Classified


Bungie - Classified


Started at Bungie in the last throes of Halo 3. Spent a few nights and a few pints at The Central. Was there for the "Buttery Nipple Incident of '07". In-between that, helped on a couple of missions for Halo 3 single player.


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