Chris Gossett is the Web Development Lead of Chris (aka Gaw-set) does not post often on, but is credited with creating and maintaining the site's search feature. He seems very secretive and elusive when compared to other Bungie staff.


Nickname: hey you
Classification: MiddleSchool
Current Job: Web Engineer
Origin: Idaho
Blood Type: Clotting
Age: Over 30
Weight: "Buck Forty"
Height: Scrappy
Girth: Phat
First Job: Website Tester

Ultimate Halo Match: Pistols, Longest - "Three Bills," this is for you.

Ultimate Snack: Red Bull (here's how style)

Ultimate Website: I love dev processes

Mode of Transport: G35 Coupe.

Favorite Movie: Fight Club - "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."

Fastest 5k: 15:16


This is not classified, I just don't want to tell you.

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