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Petty Officer Third Class Cho was a UNSC Naval Technician. He was assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552. When his ship crashed on Installation 04, Cho survived and made his way to Alpha Base.

He worked in Alpha Base with his friends Petty Officer Third Class Pauley and Tech Officer First Class Murphy. He monitored air traffic and radio communications, directing as needed when a Pelican or other airship would need to land or refuel[1] He and his friends were killed when Lieutenant Rick Hale allowed a dropship to enter in Alpha Base, letting thirty Special Operations Elites, led by Zuka 'Zamamee, to wreak havoc in Alpha Base. Before the Marines could kill them, the Elites infiltrated underground and slaughtered many technicians, including Cho and his two other friends.[2] Before he died, however, he passed control to the AI, Wellsley, who destroyed one of the Spirit dropships and told Major Antonio Silva about the escaped Stealth Elites, likely saving Alpha base in the process.


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