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The Chiron Test Station on planet Mars was one of the main training facilities for the SPARTAN-II super soldiers. Chiron contained several micro-gravity equipment and martial arts training facilities. Li-008 trained extensively in these facilities.[1]

Chiron TL-34Edit

Main article: Chiron TL-34

Chiron TL-34 was one of the harsher training areas that the Spartans had to train in, simulating close quarters for engagements within Covenant ships. The courses are filled with "warpers", as the troops came to call them[citation needed], based on Covenant technology which was obviously derived from Forerunner technology.

Chiron TL34 is also a multiplayer map in Halo: Combat Evolved.


  • Chiron TL34 may be reference to 3+4=7, seven being a number Bungie incorporates into many features of the Halo series.
  • Chiron is also one of the few noble centaurs who trained Achilles in Greek Mythology. This could also be a reference as the Spartans were believed to have been near invincible, as was Achilles, although Achilles' only weak spot was his ankle, the so-called "Achilles Heel."
  • The "TL" in Chiron TL-34 can be presumed to mean 'Testing Lab'.



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