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Chill OutPC
Chill Out


Halo: Combat Evolved



Unknown, possibly in a Covenant facility


Covenant structure







Recommended players

  • 2-8
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Chill Out is a multiplayer map in Halo: Combat Evolved. Being one of the smallest multiplayer maps in the game, Chill Out is well suited for small, usually team-based, games between two to eight players.

Summary Edit

Based on a floor of steaming nitrogen and Covenant-made rooms, Chill Out is an extremely varied and asymmetrical map. The color scheme (pink/purple) is similar to Midship.

This map is both for Xbox and PC/Mac. The level does not have any bases, as there are rooms inside of a building making up the level. It is a very closed in map, making great combat with minimal people. With the unique bridge and varied symmetry, Chill Out is a unique CTF map, as one team usually does have more defense than the other.


  • Due to the close-quarters nature of the map, the Shotgun, Plasma Rifle and Needler are ideal weapons, but the Sniper Rifle, Rocket launcher, and Pistol are, as usual, the most effective methods of killing opponents at anything farther than point-blank range.
  • There are several tall structures, one of which contains the rocket launcher. This is ideal for slowing down pursuers and/or inflicting heavy casualties on groups of enemies. In addition, attaining this weapon prevents the other team from getting it, as the rocket launcher only spawns there. However, do it quickly, as there will be heavy competition.


  • This map could have been an attacked Covenant structure, evident by the damaged path, walls and mist on the floor, perhaps by a quick and vicious Flood attack, but the lack of Flood biomass makes this unlikely. It is most likely a Covenant facility of some sort under construction or repair.
  • There is a window near the sniper rifle and teleporter exit that has a secret room on the other side. The only way to get into the room is by using the Teleporter Glitch to get to the top of the level and falling in.
  • The name "Chill Out" could be a reference to the fact that the floor seems to be made of nitrogen, a very cold chemical known for being able to freeze objects completely through when in liquid form.
  • This map was remade as the free DLC map, Cold Storage, for Halo 3.
  • It is possible that this map is on a Covenant vessel,because, nearly all ships in the Covenant fleet have been in combat, this is possibly a damaged vessel while the mist on the floor is methane (Due to leaks that might have occurred in combat and the large number of Grunt infantry on ships)



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