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Glowstick principle

Principle of glow sticks as used during the 21st century (Function presumably hasn't changed)

Chemical light sticks are plastic tubes containing two isolated elements that when combined, are capable of producing light through chemoluminescence. They are currently used by the UNSC. When lit, they glow a bright fluorescent color, and are used primarily to mark areas or as emergency lighting.[1]

Chemical light sticks were used by SPARTAN-II Red Team to provide lighting in CASTLE Base on Reach,[1] and later during Operation: FIRST STRIKE on the captured Spirit dropship.[2]

Chemical light sticks were also used by Recon Team Bravo during a night operation.[3]


  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, Marines use wands that glow blue instead of yellow, and are used for tasks like ground guiding vehicles and aircraft.



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