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Chasms is a multiplayer map for Halo Wars, set on a frozen region on Harvest, surrounded by mountains and mysterious Forerunner Structures.[1]

Summary Edit

There are two main bases present in Chasms. There are also two Forerunner Supply Elevators and two additional rebel bases to destroy near the 2 main bases, both being guarded by several rebel squads.

Some of the terrain is Forerunner architecture, such as metal floors with smooth textures with Forerunner patterns, much like the designs on the outer side of the Halo Installations, and Forerunner walls on the edges of the map. There are also many chasms present in the map, hence the name.

Strategies Edit

  • Each base has five possible paths to attack, so it is good to rethink the direction you will attack from time to time.
  • Setting up defensive perimeters at the multiple Deployable Lookout Towers on Chasms can help control crucial areas of the map.
  • Remember to send a scout to pick up extra resources on the Chasm.
  • If playing Standard mode, as the UNSC, build up five Marine squads or three flamethrowers (which would be cheaper) to attack the Rebels near the supply elevator and the two sniper towers.
  • Because of the short distance between the two starting bases, rushes are especially viable on this map.

Trivia Edit

  • Chasms is the only map available to play in the Halo Wars Demo.
  • Some of the areas were blocked off to make this map into the advanced tutorial area.



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