The Charum Hakkor campaign was a conflict between the Forerunners and the Human-San'Shyuum alliance, a union between the human empire and the technologically advanced San'Shyuum race; the campaign was the last conflict in the Human-Forerunner wars. It took place above and later on the planet Charum Hakkor, the heart of the humans' interstellar empire, around nine thousand years prior to the Forerunner-Flood war. It concluded in the Forerunners defeating the humans' empire.[1]

Using Precursor unbending filaments to link their orbital defenses, the humans managed to hold off the Forerunner military for fifty years. Knowing what was to happen to them if they lost, (forced relocation and the removal of technological privileges), the majority of the human population committed mass-suicide.[2] Those who surrendered had their memories extracted before their execution; these "essences" would later be imprinted to certain humans through a geas imposed by The Librarian. At some point during the campaign, the Didact met his wife, the Librarian, for the first time.[3]


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