Charlie Platoon was a part of the UNSC Marine contingent aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire in 2531.[1] It consisted of 7 Marine units and 3 Hellbringer units with Red Team at their side.

During the Battle of Shield 0459, Charlie Platoon encountered unknown aliens while patrolling the base established by the UNSC Spirit of Fire, managing to destroy the coordinating forms. When the Spirit of Fire was attacked by Forerunner Sentinels, Serina attempted to evacuate the platoon directly, but the D77-TC Pelicans were forced to turn back by hostile aerial forms. Along with Alpha Platoon and Bravo Platoon, Charlie Platoon fought its way on the ground through the aliens to get back to base, where they were finally evacuated. The base was abandoned to the aliens, now empty of personnel.[1]



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