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The Champions Bundle is a collection of DLC packs for use in War Games and Forge in Halo 4, but not Spartan Ops.[1] It includes the Bullseye Pack, the Infinity Armor Pack, the Steel Skin Pack, and additional bonus content not available separately. It was released on August 20, 2013, for $9.99.[2]


Bullseye PackEdit

Main article: Bullseye Pack

Includes Pitfall (a remake of The Pit from Halo 3), Vertigo, and the Ricochet armor. Owners of this pack who also unlock the Flying Colors archive in Halo Waypoint's Classified section will unlock additional skins, XP, and a stance in Halo 4. This pack is available separately for $5.99 USD.

Infinity Armor PackEdit

Main article: Infinity Armor Pack

Includes three new armor sets:

This pack is available separately for $2.99 USD.

Steel Skin PackEdit

Main article: Steel Skin Pack

Includes steampunk-inspired skins for all loadout weapons. This pack is available separately for $2.99 USD.

Bonus ContentEdit

The Champions Bundle also includes additional content not available for purchase separately.

  • Loadout weapon skins:
    • Assault Rifle Trauma TRM
    • Assault Rifle Teeth TTH
    • Battle Rifle Salvage SLV
    • Magnum Indigo IND
    • Magnum Flare FLR
  • Armor skins:
    • Defender Column CLMN
    • Infiltrator Python PYTN
    • Oceanic Solid SLID
    • Enforcer Tracer TRCR
    • Venator Bayonet BYNT
  • Player Card stances:
    • Menace
    • Grandstand
    • Seasoned
    • Confident
    • Lookout
    • Drawn
    • Loyalty
    • Flank


Halo 4 Champions Bundle Launch Trailer01:43

Halo 4 Champions Bundle Launch Trailer




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