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HW2 Cutscene Installation00

The Central Hub, with several Spires protruding out.

The Central Hub is the central disk structure of Installation 00.[1]


Human-Covenant warEdit

In 2552, John-117 destroyed Installation 04.[2] In response, Installation 00 began construction of a replacement, Installation 04B.[3]

Several months later, the UNSC, Covenant Separatists, and the Covenant Loyalists traveled through a slipspace portal.[4] In the ensuing battle, the UNSC and Separatists cornered the Prophet of Truth at the Citadel.[3] After the reveal of Installation 04B, John and Thel 'Vadam flew to and activated the new installation. Installation 04B detonated right above the Central Hub and destroyed itself.[5]


Following the loss of Installation 04B, another ring, designed to replace both the original 04 and B, was created.[6]

The UNSC Spirit of Fire arrived at Installation 00 in 2559 and began operations against The Banished.[7] As this struggle continued, the forces of the Spirit eventually took control and defended a Particle Cannon at the border of the South Spire and the Central Hub.[6]


In the center of the Hub, is the Strip Mining Moon. Just outside of that was the trench where Halos were made.[3]

There are 12 Refugia on the Central Hub.[1] One of the Refugias near the Halo trench, were Taiga forests and snowy mountains. Within the snowy mountain region existed the Citadel.[3]


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