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Noble ActualEdit

  • Kat-B320: "Commander"
  • "Only the parts that weren't covered in black ink."

Winter ContingencyEdit

  • "Just get me under the hood, Commander." - To Carter-A259 before arriving at the Visegrád Relay
  • "Commander, we just lost our signal with HQ."
  • "Searching... Nada. Can't say what's jamming us."
  • "Maybe a distress beacon.
  • "Distress beacon coming from just south of here, Commander, but close."
  • "Negative, but it's military."
  • "Well, we're not seeing any explosives residue."
  • "Smoke at the next structure, boss."
  • "I'll take that, Six. Not your domain." - To SPARTAN-B312 after finding a data crystal
  • "Question of my life. If the question is when will this station be back online, two weeks, earliest. This is plasma damage. All major uplink components are fried." - After being asked by Carter, "How long?"
  • "Which is why I'm splicing into the main overland bundle to get you a direct line to Colonel Holland... You're in my light, Commander."
  • "Best not touch anything. You wouldn't want to ground this place." - To Carter after establishing a signal.

ONI: Sword BaseEdit

  • "Let's move, lieutenant." -To Six
  • "Roger that, we're in your strike team."
  • "Let's knock some heads, Lieutenant!" -To Six
  • "Noble Two to Sword Control: courtyard is clear, over." -To Sword Control
  • "Sword Control, I see a Target Locator. Any artillery support in the area?" -To Sword Control
  • "Outstanding!"


  • "Then we're closing in. Report any Covenant structures or devices. Direct action may be necessary." -To Recon Team Bravo, Noble Three and Six, before the commencement of their nighttime recon mission
  • "Agreed. All recon teams disengage and fall back. Sun will be up in a few hours, and it is going to be a very busy day." -Kat, to Jun and Six, after the discovery of the Covenant invasion force on Reach

Tip of the SpearEdit

  • "Copy that! Aquiring signal lock on the pylon!...Detonating in three...Two..." -Kat, over comms chatter to Noble Team, during the UNSC Warthog charge against Covenant lines
  • "Might want to hold onto something." -Kat to Noble Six, just before their Warthog crashes
  • "Six, can you hear me? Six, are you all right? I could use some help!" -After the crash, when she sees Six lying on the ground
  • "Pylons are down, we're pushing up the hill." -After Carter asks for their status
  • "Copy, Commander. New target, Six. Shut down those AA guns. Commandeer that Warthog, get us there in one piece."
  • "A Zealot? We're onto something big here, Commander." -To Carter
  • "No visual on target."
  • "High value target has been neutralized. Impressive, Six." -To Six, after he/she kills the Zealot
  • "Jorge has a Falcon inbound to your position. Lieutenant, highlighting the LZ now." -To Six
  • "Commander, I'm going to set up a forward observation post here." -To Carter

Long Night of SolaceEdit

  • "They'll be backing up a graveyard....How converted?.....You can say no.......You don't even want to hear it?" -Kat, trying to convince Carter to go with her plan.
  • "Remember that incident a couple years back? Colony ship en route to Cygnus? Over 700 dead?.....Actually it was misplaced during a service haulout......A certain Covenant supercarrier could, with some assistance, suffer the same unfortunate accident." -Kat starts to explain her plan to Carter.
  • "Objective: destroy Covenant Supercarrier in geosynchronous orbit above us. Method? A slipspace drive in lieu of the nukes we don't have. Delivery system? Us. Solvable? Getting us up there." -Kat formulates her plan and explains it to Noble Team.
  • "As a soldier in the field, I couldn't possibly have access to those kinds of resources. That being said, a good place to look might be, I don't know, the nearest nonexistent launch site in the nonexistent Sabre Program which was dismissed by three administrations as a preposterous rumour, and in which our newest member was certainly never a pilot. All we need is the green light from Holland." -Kat finishes explaining her detailed plan, to the stunned members of Noble Team.
  • "Copy that, Commander." -Kat, to Carter, after Noble Team lands near the Sabre Launch Facility.


  • "We picked up your transponder an hour ago but could not risk open comms." -Kat establishes radio contact with Noble Six at Starport Exit.
  • "We are getting nothing from Jorge......Understood. All right, we're bringing you to us." -Kat learns of Jorge's death and issues fresh orders to Noble Six.

New AlexandriaEdit

  • "Put your wings back on, Lieutenant. You're flying this Falcon." -Kat radios in to Noble Six at the start of the counter op in New Alexandria City.
  • "Noble Six, I am getting nothing from those troopers. You may have to take care of that jammer yourself." -Kat informs Noble Six of the radio silence with the Army troopers at Sinoviet Heavy Machinery Industries.
  • "This is the last jammer." -Kat issues final orders to Noble Six.
  • "I'll extend a landing pad. Come on home." -Kat orders Noble Six to rendezvous with the rest of Noble Team.
  • "I hear what I hear. Problem is, why put Spartans on defensive deployments?.....Chasing it, but this console's got more shrapnel in it than transceivers.....You didn't answer my question." -Kat exchanges dialogue with Carter as she works.
  • "I know we're losing. I want to know if we've lost. -Kat to Carter.
  • "Colonel Holland, hailing us! What's he doing on an open channel?" -Kat isolates Holland's signal.
  • "I can't guarantee secure anymore....I could." -Kat answers Carter's questions about the radio signal.
  • "Keep it brief." -Kat succeeds in establishing radio contact with Holland.
  • "Radiation flare! Big! Forty million rout-gens!.....Atomic excitement scrambled the signal. Ninety million now!" -Kat discovers atomic radiation in the area.
  • "Airborne. Close." -Kat narrows the location of the radiation flare.
  • "THAT CLOSE!" -Kat replies Carter's question, as the entire team is knocked to their feet as Covenant warships outside the Olympic Tower begin glassing New Alexandria.
  • "First glassing?....Me too." -Kat asks Noble Six if he/she has witnessed a glassing before.
  • "Don't worry, I'm on it. Our best bet is a nuclear fallout shelter on sublevel two, ninety-six metres northeast. We get orders from Holland, sir?" -Kat tries to sort out the situation, as Noble Team descends the side of the Olympic Tower in twin bubble elevators.
  • "What does he get off calling a demolition op priority one-?" -Kat's final words, before she is shot in the fore head by the Field Marshall

Gameplay Quotes

  • "Check your fire!" - When shooting her.
  • "Urgh! That hurts!" - When shooting her.
  • "Watch it!" -When either meleeing her or shooting her.
  • "Hold your fire!" - When shooting her.
  • "I know what you're thinking... and it's a very bad idea." - When staring at her feet.
  • "Around, not through." - When bumping into her.
  • "You're in my personal space." - When bumping into her.
  • "Tight squeeze." - When bumping into her.
  • "What's your status, Six?" - When staring at her.
  • "Is there a problem?" - When staring at her.
  • "Carter won't steer us wrong, we'll get this job done." - When staring at her during the Winter Contingency Level.
  • "Got something you want to tell me?" - When staring at her.
  • "Stare all you like, I'm used to it." - When staring at her arms, probably referring to her right prosthetic arm.
  • "It's combat rated and field tested... in fact I could punch a hole through your helmet with surprisingly little effort." - When staring at her right prosthetic arm.
  • "So that's why there's black ink all over your file!" - When betrayed.
  • "I knew it was a mistake to trust you!" - When betrayed.
  • "Does Command have any more murderers they want to send us?" - When you betray her, then get killed.
  • "Take the gear. Leave the rest." - When you betray her, then get killed.
  • "Curious, are you staring at me, or are you just lost inside that/your helmet?" -When staring at her in ONI: Sword base.
  • "I'm not finished yet!" - Firefight
  • (Rare and only with IWHBYD on)"(High pitched laugh) Sorry I didn't mean to... ugh I'll never let that happen again." - When she gets a kill.
  • "Hey! Drive safe!" (after flipping over a vehicle she was riding in)
  • "Taking rounds!" - When being shot by enemy
  • "Target acquired!" - When finding an enemy.
  • "I don't want to lose my other arm!" - When taking heavy fire.


  • "I'm not done yet!" - After killing an enemy.
  • "That's good work team." - Same as above.
  • "Killed you." - Same as above.
  • "Yeah!" - Same as above.
  • "Alright!" - Same as above.
  • "Well done." - Same as above.
  • "Nice." - Same as above.
  • "Good riddance." - Same as above.
  • "Target is neutralized." - Same as above.
  • "Ha ha ha ha." - Same as above.
  • "Technically killed." - Same as above.
  • "Yeah, alright! Ha ha." - Same as above.
  • "That's right." - Same as above.
  • "It breathes no more." - Same as above.
  • "Save it, soldiers." - Same as above.
  • "Another one down." - Same as above.
  • "I'll take it." - Same as above.
  • "Yes." - Same as above.
  • "(High pitched laugh) Sorry I couldn't resist. But I'll never let that happen again. Sorry." - Same as above. Requires IWHBYD skull to be enabled.
  • "Never gets old." - After killing an enemy by using melee attack.
  • "You're welcome." - Same as above.
  • "Noble 2, nice to meet you." - Same as above.
  • "The bigger they are." - Same as above.
  • "He he." - Same as above.
  • "Think I might have enjoyed that." - Same as above.
  • "Ahh, I love a good kill." - Same as above.
  • "Target is injured." - After hitting an enemy.
  • "Target is taking rounds." - Same as above.
  • "Target is compromised." - Same as above.
  • "Direct hit." - Same as above.
  • "That's a hit." - Same as above.
  • "On target." - Same as above.
  • "Right on target." - Same as above.
  • "There's more where that came from!" - Same as above.
  • "I'm making it look easy." - After killing multiple enemies.
  • "I can do this all day." - Same as above.
  • "Last mag, not good!" - When you reload your last mag in the weapon.
  • "Swapping out my last mag." - Same as above.
  • "Reloading, low ammo." - Same as above.
  • "Just about out of ammo." - Same as above.
  • "Last magazine." - Same as above.
  • "Changing mags." - When reloading a weapon.
  • "I'm out, cover me." - Same as above.
  • "Cover me, I'm reloading!" - Same as above.
  • "Reloading." - Same as above.
  • "Watch out!" - When stuck by a grenade.
  • "I'm stuck." - Same as above.
  • "Get clear!" - Same as above.
  • "Grenade!" - Same as above.
  • "No!" - Same as above.
  • "Ahh!" - Same as above.
  • "Get away!" - Same as above.
  • "Plasma grenade!" - Same as above.
  • "Frag out!' - After throwing grenade.
  • "I don't plan on making it quick or painless." - Same as above.
  • "Fire in the hole!" - Same as above.
  • "You like that?!" - Same as above.
  • "Just getting warmed up." - Same as above.
  • "I think I might be enjoying this." - Same as above.
  • "Make out." - Same as above. Requires IWHBYD skull to be enabled.
  • "Bam! Headshot." - After getting a headshot.
  • "Dead aim." - Same as above.
  • "Now that's how it's done." - Same as above.
  • "Ooh. Headshot." - Same as above.
  • "Headshot." - Same as above.
  • "Give that one a free face lift." - Same as above.
  • "Got Brains?" Same as above.
  • "This will be so damn ugly!" - Can't determine what triggers this.
  • "Covenant Scum!" - When taunting the enemy.
  • "You're not leaving here alive." - Same as above.
  • "I despise you filthy aliens." - Same as above.
  • "Noble 2 deploying spartan laser." - When taking out the spartan laser.
  • "They call it a Spartan Laser for a reason." - Same as above.
  • "I'm a one woman wrecking crew." - When taking out the rocket launcher.
  • "Who wants to rock the party?" - Same as above.
  • "Heavy ordnance coming up." - Same as above.
  • "They're gonna feel this." - Same as above.
  • "Might want to hold on to something." - Same as above.
  • "Heavy metal." - Same as above.
  • "I'm about to go ballistic." - When taking out the Fuel Rod Cannon
  • "Anybody ordered some plasma?" - When taking out Plasma Launcher.
  • "Damn it!" - When killed by a headshot. Requires IWHBYD skull to be enabled.
  • "Take it." - When assassinating an enemy.
  • "Ah, yes!" - Same as above.