These are Master Templates or parent Templates that aren't usually used but used indirectly by other Templates. An Example is the Template:Userbox. Userbox isn't usually used by itself instead Users create other template using the Master Template, Template:Userbox.

Here is the Template Code for the Arbiter UserBox {{Template:Userbox/Arbiter Userbox|respects}} which displays:

Theholyarbiter This user respects the Arbiter.

If we take a look at the Template:Arbiter Userbox we see that the actual code is the Master Template, Template:Userbox, saved as a new "child" Template:

|id = [[Image:Theholyarbiter.jpg |28px]]
|id-c = 
|info = This user {{{1}}} '''[[The Arbiter]]'''.
|info-c = teal
|info-fc = white
|border-c = black}}

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