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The word craft since the 17th century has denoted a vehicle or watercraft/vessel that is used for transportation on the sea, in the air or in space. It is primarily used as the root word to which prefixes are added, as in aircraft, hovercraft, watercraft, sailcraft and spacecraft.

Craft play a vital role in the Halo story-line transporting key individuals such as the Master Chief and Cortana to distant locations such as Installation 04 or Installation 00. The UNSC Pillar of Autumn and the UNSC Infinity are two examples of Crafts used in the Halo Campaign.

Craft can be fitted with weapons and shielding to help in combat situations, some of which have the capability to turn a planet's surface into glass. Factions such as the Covenant and Forerunners own technologically superior craft which far outmatch the UNSC in firepower and Slipspace capabilities.

Craft can refer to the following:

  • Aircraft - Vessels that travel inside an atmosphere.
  • Watercraft - Vessels that travel on water.
  • Spacecraft - Vessels that travel through space.


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