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Standalone book, released 30 October 2001, reissued 3 August 2010Standalone book, released 1 April 2003, reissued 28 September 2010Standalone book, released 2 December 2003, reissued 7 December 2010Standalone book, released 31 October 2006Standalone book, released 30 October 2007Standalone book, released 25 November 2008Standalone book, released 4 November 2014Standalone book, released 2 March 2015Standalone book, released 16 June 2015Standalone book, released 27 July 2015Standalone book, released 15 September 2015Standalone book, released 7 December 2015The Forerunner Saga, released 4 January 2011The Forerunner Saga, released 3 January 2012The Forerunner Saga, released 19 March 2013Kilo-Five trilogy, released 25 October 2011Kilo-Five trilogy, released 2 October 2012Kilo-Five trilogy, released 21 January 2014Anthology, released 24 November 2009Anthology, released 20 September 2016Halo Novels

Books that take place in the Halo Universe

See also Category:Books (Halo) for books that exist within the Halo Universe.


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H cont.

H cont.

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