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The Casualty Classification is a way to classify the status of UNSC Army, Navy, Air force, and Marine soldiers.


  • KIA - Killed In Action. This term is used when a soldier is killed during battle, or deaths resulting from a war.
  • MIA - Missing In Action. This term is used when the status of a soldier is unknown, whether they are dead, wounded, or simply lost.
  • POW - Prisoner Of War. This term is used for soldiers who are captured as part of a war. A medal is awarded to any soldier who is captured for any length of time and has either escaped or was rescued.
  • WIA - Wounded In Action. This term is used when a soldier is severely injured in battle, rendering them either temporarily or permanently unable to continue active duty.


  • These classifications were first used by the United States Military.
  • Due to the need to increase morale in the United Nations Space Command, SPARTAN-II super-soldiers are never listed as 'Killed In Action', but rather as 'Missing In Action' or 'Wounded in Action' to give the appearance that they are invincible.

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