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Cascade is a UNSC world in an unknown star system. Its largest populated urbanized metropolis is Mindoro, its capital.[1] The planet survived a Covenant attack at the end of the Human-Covenant war.


The colony was established at some point before the Human-Covenant war as an industrial powerhouse. Many manufacturing companies took up headquarters on the planet, particularly its capital, Mindoro. At some point in late 2552, Cascade was attacked by the Covenant. Unlike other human colonies, it survived the battle, albeit suffering damage to many of its cities, including the loss of the planet's one orbital tether.

In the aftermath of the war construction teams set about busily repairing and rebuilding across the planet. The industrial corporations based out of Mindoro pooled resources and funded the construction of a replacement space tether near the Nova Austin spaceport. The construction of this tether was still ongoing in 2558. In 2553, Kilo-Five decided to have a two day shore leave on the planet.


While much is not known about how the government is run on Cascade, we do know that its capital is Mindoro.


After the Human-Covenant war, the planet experienced a "post-war boom."[2] This led to several major corporations in Mindoro pitch in money and resources to help reconstruct the destroyed space elevator in the city. These corporations include Lethbridge Industrial and Archeron Security[3]

Corporations On PlanetEdit

These corporations call Cascade home either because they have commercial/administrative offices or industrial facilities. These corporations include:


Not much is known about the strength or integrity of Cascade's defenses but it is known that there was at least one military base on the planet, Fort Southwick[4]


Known ResidentsEdit

These people were either born on Cascade or spent an extended period of time on the planet