Halo: ReachEdit

Noble ActualEdit

Winter ContingencyEdit

  • "Listen up, Noble Team. We're looking at a downed relay outpost, 50 klicks from Visegrád. We're gonna introduce ourselves to whoever took it out, and then Kat's gonna get it back online." - Briefing the team on the way to the Relay.
  • "If you've got a chance, maybe you can ask them, Jorge." - When Jorge asks why rebels would cut off Reach with the rest of the colonies.
  • "You heard her, dead zone confirmed. Command will not be keeping us company this trip." - After Kat says that HQ's signal was lost.
  • "We've been engaged!" - responding to Emile's question of their status after being attacked by three Elites

ONI: Sword BaseEdit

  • "Roger that. Dot, stand by to receive and respond." (When told that his landing zone is 'too hot')
  • "All right people, we're stuck with that ship for the time being. Let's focus on the hostile infantry, give those troopers a hand."

Tip of the SpearEdit

  • "That landing zone has been tagged by UNSC command as a Priority One target."

Long Night of SolaceEdit

  • "All our nukes are either out system or went down with the ships that carried them. You're preaching to the converted...I know that look Kat...No...fine I'll hear it...vaguely a slip space drive malfunction right? - To Kat after she suggests using a nuke to destroy the Long Night of Solace.
  • "And this is relevant, how?" - confused about Kat's plan.
  • "All we need is orbit capable transport and the single most expensive piece of equipment made by man." - to Kat about her plan.
  • "Oh, there's no way in the hell he's gonna say yes to this" - after Kat tells him that he will be asking colonel Holland permisionn for the operation.
  • "Any closer's too hot to land!" -To Jorge after he complains about the long distance to the Sabre launch facility
  • "Move up the beach, Noble!"

New AlexandriaEdit

  • "Your report will have to wait Lieutenant, the Covenant are jamming all comms to command. Kat needs your help running a counter-op." -To Noble Six after his arrival in New Alexandria
  • "It's good to have you back." -To Noble Six
  • "Make him proud." -To Noble Six, referring to Jorge-052
  • "He gave his life thinking he just saved the planet, we should all be so lucky." - To Emile after referring that Jorge was sentimental.
  • "Those are senior level communique." -Responding to Jun's comment about spartans being assigned to civilian evac ops.
  • "Lets hear it." -To Kat when colonel Holland tries to contact Noble Team.
  • "Carter here, yes sir mhmm...just lost Holland, whats going on!? close?" -While talking to Colonel Holland before the city is glassed.

The PackageEdit

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"Go ahead." - When responding to Holland.

"Still outside. Thermal on the interior shows standing-room-only. We're gonna have to thin 'em out or we'll be way too popular." - Telling their location to Holland.

"We've got a job to do, so let's stay focused and get it done. Six, are you in position?" - When asking Six.

"Good. Execute." - When knowing Six's location.

"Covenant own this sector now. They are defending for a full major strike, not a small-group infiltration. Eliminate all hostile anti-air defense so the rest of Noble can land at Sword Base for the torch and burn. Keep a low profile, we'll take them by surprise, this will be a hell lot easier." - When describing their situation to the rest of the team.

"Get a move on, Noble Six. Our Falcons are standing by. - When Noble Six clears out the area.

"Time to get to work, Noble Six. Take out those guns." - When Noble Six arrives at Airview base.

"First target neutralized, Falcons, stand by." - After Noble Six destroyes the first gun.

"Nice job, Six. Falcons commence descent. Meet you inside the base, lieutenant." - When both AA guns are destroyed.

"Noble Team: Falcon group has landed, hostiles engaged. Jun is working on getting the gate open." - After Falcons fly overhead.

"Six, get over here! Covies all over the base." - When Jun opens the door to Sword Base.

"Double time it, Six! Come on!" - When Six arrives at the gate.

"Noble Six, get inside the base!" - If Six stalls at the gate.

"Kill them all, Noble!" - After Six enters the base.

"We'll have to go through maintenance. Elevator's out." - When reaching the end of the parking lot.

"Dot?" - When asking Auntie Dot where to go next.

"Alright we're close, up the ramp, to the right!" - When reaching the atrium.

"This is it, in here." - After leaving the atrium.

"Or were committed to the position." - When discovering the dead troopers.

"Dot, check your vector." - When confirming the location of the coordinates.

"Revised...?" - When realizing that the coordinates have changed.

"What is this, Dot?" - When asking Dot about their revised route.

"Alright, we came this far." - When knowing this is their revised route.

"Your new AI friend tell you anything else, Dot?...Dot?" - When requesting information about the other AI.

"Dr. Halsey. Casualty reports have you listed as-" - When realizing Dr. Halsey is still alive.

"We all do, ma'am." - Responding to Dr. Halsey.

"Not sure I understand." - When Dr. Halsey describes the latchkey discovery.

"Doctor, our orders are to destroy all sensitive material-" - When informing Dr. Halsey about their mission.

"I'll need to confirm this new directive with command-" - When being told about their revised mission.

"Have your data ready, ma'am. We're coming to you." - When realizing that the cave won't hold much longer.

"I don't think you understand. We're out of time. If it isn't portable when we reach you, it's gonna get buried." - After realizing that the cave won't last much longer.

"Let's find Halsey's lab. Move!" - When Noble team reaches the bottom of the elevator.

"They sure as hell got it. Doctor, we have hostiles inbound." - When realizing the Covenant presence.

"Understood. Let's give the doctor the time she needs." - When Covenant dropships are seen.

"Noble Six! Activate the turrets! Set up a perimeter." - After being briefed from ONI control.

"More Covenant! Get your defenses ready, Six!" - When additional Covenant troops arrive.

"Door's opened, Noble Six. Get to the lab." - When Dr. Halsey opens the lab door.

"Six, open the lab! That's an order!" - If Six stalls.

"I understand." - After being ordered by Halsey to take the Package to the Pillar of Autumn.

"And what if we can't?" - When responding to Halsey's question.

"Dr. Halsey, Noble Three will escort you to CASTLE Base." - When ordering Jun to assist Dr. Halsey.

"Jun, make sure nothing falls into enemy hands." - When talking to Jun.

"You too, rifleman." - When finishing the conversation between Jun.

"I need a heading, Dot." - After entering the Pelican.

"Which leads to?" - When asking Dot about their heading.

"Wouldn't be a Noble mission if it were easy." - Describing the difficulty of their next mission.

The Pillar of AutumnEdit

  • "Not sure how long she's going to stay together, skys are jammed up anyway! Got to get you off her, Lieutenant." -To Noble Six after being critically wounded by a Banshee, en route to the shipbreaking yards at Aszod.
  • "Six... That A.I. chose you... She made the right choice."-To Noble Six before he jumped off the Pelican.
  • "Stay low; let me draw the heat. Just deliver that Package." -To Noble Team after they jumped off the Pelican.
  • "You're on your own, Noble... Carter out." - Carter's Final words before ramming his Pelican into the Scarab which was blocking Noble Team's path.

Gameplay QuotesEdit

  • "Carter to Colonel Holland: Next time, don't send me a psychopath." - Said if you betray him and he kills you.
  • "You just made yourself MIA soldier!" - if betrayed.
  • "Problem?" - Said if stared at with the IWHBYD skull on, which could be a reference to the troll internet meme.
  • "Terminate the bastard!" - while shooting at you when betrayed.
  • "This qualfies as lone wolf stuff, Noble Six." - Upon being stared at with the IWHBYD skull on.
  • "Your file mentioned this." - Upon being stared at with the IWHBYD skull on.
  • "Six, no!" - Upon players death.
  • "Next time, we won't stop." After the player betrays him.
  • "Incoming!" - If an enemy grenade is thrown.
  • "You need to move!" If an enemy grenade is thrown. 

Firefight VoiceEdit

  • "What is it, Six?" - When previewing his voice in the Armory.
  • "You need an assist?" - When previewing his voice in the Armory.
  • "We got a job to do here." - When previewing his voice in the Armory.
  • "Welcome to Noble Team." - Headshot
  • "These tangos make for good target practice." - Getting a kill
  • "He wont be getting up."- after a kill
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Target hit."
  • "That was tactical."
  • "Right on target."
  • "On target."
  • "One shot, good kill."
  • "Stay down"
  • "Direct hit."
  • "Haha."
  • "Didn't see that one coming"
  • "Enemy hit."
  • "Fantastic!" - After getting a multikill.
  • "Headshot" - After scoring a headshot.
  • "Hostile's Hurt." - After shooting an enemy.
  • "Confirmed Hit." - After shooting an enemy.
  • "Textbook shooting."- After scoring a headshot.
  • "That's a hit!" - After injuring an enemy.
  • "Can't say that was fast." - After scoring a headshot.
  • "That's what I'm talking about." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Confirmed Kill." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Excellent work people." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Tango's no longer with us"- After killing an enemy.
  • "Reloading, cover me." - Reloading
  • "Changing mags."
  • "Fire in the hole!" - Said while tossing Frag or Plasma Grenade."
  • "Frag out!"
  • "Give me some room." - Pulling out the Fuel Rod Gun.
  • "Might wanna get clear." - Pulling out a rocket launcher.
  • "Don't let up!" - After a grenade is thrown.
  • "Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy."- After pummeling an enemy.
  • "Up, close and very personal." - After pummeling an enemy.
  • "Never saw it coming." - After pummeling an enemy.
  • "Radioactive, ready to roll." - Pulling out the Fuel Rod Gun.
  • "Go green machine!"- pulling the fuel rod gun
  • "Anyone order some flaming hot plasma?" - Pulling out the plasma launcher.
  • "Let's launch some plaz'!" - Pulling out the plasma launcher.
  • "You looking for the explosives? They're right here" - Pulling out the plasma launcher.
  • "I'm all charged up!" - Pulling out the spartan laser.
  • "Shield your eyes!" - Pulling out the spartan laser.
  • "Going to need to resupply." - After having one magazine left in a weapon.
  • "Last magazine." - After having one magazine left in a weapon.
  • "I'm stuck!" - After being stuck by a plasma grenade.
  • "NO!" - After being stuck by a plasma grenade.
  • "Get clear!" - After being stuck by a plasma grenade.
  • "Gonna blow!" - After being stuck by a plasma grenade.
  • "Plasma grenade, watch out!" - After being stuck by a plasma grenade.
  • "Got some fuel for this firefight!" - Pulling out the Fuel Rod.
  • "Need something?" - If you stare at him for a while.
  • "Need you to stay focused!" - If you keep staring.
  • "Let's get back to work." - If you are still staring.
  • "Free of charge. Courtesy of Noble Team." - After killing an enemy.
  • "Exactly!" - After killing an enemy.

Halo: Reach Video Games Awards TrailerEdit

  • "Spartans never die, Jorge. They're just Missing In Action." - After Jorge says that he didn't think anyone survived at Pegasi Delta.
  • "I read your file, Lieutenant. Even the parts ONI didn't want me to. I'm glad to have your skillset, but you can leave that lone wolf stuff behind." - A slightly different quote appears in Noble Actual.