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Halo Reach - Cart

The Cart in Halo: Reach.

The Cart is a human civilian transport vehicle.[1][2]


It resembles a luggage transport at an airport, having a yellow color and being attached to some other, non-drivable carts. It is mainly flat, with a small railing on top. The vehicle is drivable in Halo: Reach and can be found during the level ONI: Sword Base, early on.[2] It is located head straight past the first right turn, by the forklift. It can only be used in the base courtyard, and cannot be taken to the next area. Like all other civilian vehicles in Reach, the cart is weaponless and is mainly there for fun.

Amusingly during co-op, players can stand on the Cart without being killed at full speed. This can be rather somewhat humorous when you have 3 Spartans travelling on the cart.


Concept artEdit


  • At full speed, the Cart is capable of splattering and killing Grunts on Easy and Normal difficulties without skulls turned on.
  • It is possible to fit the Cart into the elevator on ONI: Sword Base, allowing you to drive the cart through the whole level.



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