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This article is about UNSC Navy rank of Captain. For the UNSC Army and Marines rank, see Captain (Ground forces).

Captain[1] is a commissioned officer rank of the UNSC Navy, and is the Naval equivalent of a Colonel in the UNSC Marine Corps, UNSC Air Force and UNSC Army.

Navy Captains typically command a single ship - typically a class larger than a frigate but smaller than a carrier. Navy Captains may also command a battlegroup or a small fleet if they are the senior-most officer present.

Captains are sometimes referred to informally as "Skipper" or "the Old Man."[2]

Relation to Marine, Air Force, and Army CaptainEdit

The Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army rank of Captain is ranked three pay grades lower than a Navy Captain. Other than sharing a name and both being officer ranks, the two captain ranks are completely unrelated.


  1. In reference to the image: Halo: The Fall of Reach, page 161 -- "Commander Keyes opened the box. Inside were a pair of ... insignia: four bars and a single star."
  2. Halo: The Flood and Halo: Combat Evolved, Thom Shephard: "Aye aye sir. The skipper seems jumpy, we'd better get moving. We'll find you weapons later."

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