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Introducing Canon Fodder, where we aim to take fans along for the wild ride through the ever-expanding Halo universe.
Jeff Easterling, Canon Fodder[1]

Canon Fodder is a weekly blog post on Halo Waypoint. Initially, it was included as a subsection of the Halo Bulletin,[2] however, it was later expanded into a blog of its own, with its on section of Halo Waypoint, the Universe section.[3] Each Canon Fodder is written by Jeff Easterling, also known as GrimBrotherOne, a writer at 343 Industries.


  • Most of the titles of individual Canon Fodders are either quotes related to the blog's subject, or a somewhat related pun.


  1. Halo Waypoint - Canon Fodder, Feet First
  2. Halo Waypoint - Canon Fodder, Feet First ("This issue of Canon Fodder was originally published within the 9-24-14 edition of the Halo Bulletin.")
  3. Halo Waypoint - Canon Fodder, Just Getting Started ("After a successful stint as part of the Halo Bulletin, Canon Fodder is now being spun off into its own blog!")

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