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Came... From... Behind is a Halo 3 achievement where the player has to get three assassination kills during any ranked or social game on a Legendary or Mythic[1] map.

This achievement is easily earned in Team SWAT on Blackout, as there are many camping spots in the map.[2]

This achievement is worth 50 Gamerpoints.


  • The achievement's name is a reference to a Rebel pilot's last words in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope when he is killed from behind by a group of TIE Fighters led by Darth Vader. This was also a quote for the later, critically acclaimed, 2003 RTS game, Warcraft 3, where a Gyrocopter pilot will say "Came... From... Behind..." when killed, although it is more likely a reference to the former.
  • This achievement was made into a Daily Challenge in Halo Reach, albeit without the ellipses in the name.


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