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The CRS-class light cruiser[2] is a capital warship classification within the Covenant Navy.


The CRS-class has been described  as resembling "luminous manta rays".[4] and are essentially a smaller and weaker version of the CCS-class battlecruiser. The CRS-class and CCS-class are almost identical from the outside, distinguishable only by their difference in size and coloration.

Operational historyEdit

The first UNSC encounter with the CRS-class light cruiser was during the Battle of Chi Ceti in 2525. The ship inflicted heavy damage on the UNSC Commonwealth before being destroyed by a team of SPARTAN-IIs. Several of these vessels were deployed and used over Reach during the Covenant's invasion of the planet.[5] After the conclusion of the Human-Covenant war, the CRS-class formed the backbone of the Covenant Remnant Fleet which deployed huge numbers of them to Requiem during the years before the First Battle of Requiem.




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