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Buran 'Utaral was a Sangheili and a former Shipmaster during the post-Human-Covenant war era.[1]


Buran was the Shipmaster of the Covenant frigate Unflinching Resolve during the Human-Covenant war. However, like many of his fellow Shipmasters, he was stripped of his rank after the Great Schism. He joined the Servants of the Abiding Truth in January 2553. He offered his former command to Avu Med 'Telcam, since the Servants lacked a warship. He, along with Jul 'Mdama and two other former Shipmasters, was amused at the thought of four Shipmasters on a single ship. Buran began planning to take the ship by force, but Jul suggested they simply go to the shipyards and fly it to 'Mdama, being enough of a backwater to hide it in. Buran promised to contact his remaining loyal crew members. After, Buran successfully flew the Unflinching Resolve to 'Mdama, where Jul indicated a quarry they could conceal it is. Telcam then began re-arming the ship for their coup against the Arbiter.



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