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Bungie Princess is a title applied to the full-time female employees at Bungie Studios. Bungie, like most other video game companies, has a staff that is overwhelmingly male and thus full-time female employees receive such extra attention.

Alta Hartmann and Davina Chan, two of the Bungie Princesses

The term itself is a long standing joke of unknown origin within Bungie Studios. The first appearance of the term was in the Halo 2 Credits, when the only two full-time female employees, Alta Hartmann and Amanda Anderson were credited as "Bungie Princesses." The roles of the two were, however, purely administrative, handling contract and financial affairs for the company. Neither of them were officially directly involved with the development of the game. Anderson left Bungie Studios some time before 2006, leaving Hartmann the sole owner of the title. However, in July 2007, after Hartmann left the company, the term was then re-applied to her replacement, Davina Chan, demonstrating that the joke will continue.

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