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Bump mapping is a digital design technique and technical phrase used by digital and graphic design artists to create a richer, more detailed surface for future-made CGI objects. Bump Mapping is used in many current video games including the Halo series.

Bump mapping can be seen on any object in the game world, but is more noticeable on surfaces such as walls and barriers. Without mapping, the wall would appear to have no texture, and look "flat." No matter where you shine a light on it, the texture will always look the same. With Bump Mapping, however, it will make shadows out of the bumps on the wall, by applying the rendered height map before the illumination calculation, creating more realistic objects and textures.

Initially, mapping was only used in rendering programs, but is now incorporated into many of today's video games, such as the Halo series.


  • Bump mapping was not used in an early version of Halo Mac and PC Safe Mode.

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