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The term bullpup describes a firearm configuration in which the magazine receiver is located at the rear of the weapon, the assembly is located inside the stock and the trigger is placed in front of both assembly and magazine.


The accuracy remains because the barrel remains the same length, even though it is farther back. The stock, which is usually empty or solid, now houses the assembly, reducing the length of the weapon, a plus in urban combat. This also means the weapon is lighter than its non-bullpup counterpart.


Unfortunately, because casings typically eject from one side, users who are left-handed and use a weapon configured for right-handed firing may be hit in the face by very hot bullet cases, risking facial damage. Bullpup weapons also tend to be unbalanced and back-heavy because of the magazine and assembly placement, have awkward reloading for those unfamiliar with bullpups, and the muzzle blast is closer to the user's face, which could affect their accuracy or blind them, which of course, is dangerous. Because they are shorter the sight radius is lessened which leads to lessened accuracy, hence bullpup designs are usually accessorized with better sights.

Some of these disadvantages can be lessened through the use of a full-face visor and helmet combination, such as all SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III helmets.

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