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“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”

Building 41 is a red-level[1] secured building in Chawla Base. Its only entrance is a set of heavy steel doors, similar to a bank vault.[2] It contains a clean room lab, used in 2552 by Major Standish's men to study the Deep-Space Artifact. In order to prevent corrosion and electrical arcing, the lab was filled with argon, forcing the scientists to wear vacsuits.[3] In October 2552 the members of Team Jersey infiltrated the building and its lab in order to deactivate the artifact. Upon completing their mission the Durga used a Scorpion tank to blow a hole in the building's walls, allowing all of the members of Team Jersey to escape, with the exception of Rani Sobeck, who was apprehended.


  • Clean room
  • Clean room observation bay
  • Vacsuit locker - Attached to clean room airlock. People in the observation bay cannot see into it.



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