Bryan R. Engram is an animator that usually works with film but is credited with working on Halo 2 and the Halo 2 promotional game, I Love Bees.

From the small town of Hillsboro, Texas (pop. 9,000) Bryan went to the University of Texas at Arlington, getting a BFA in art, and an emphasis in film by 2002. He currently works for Reel FX Creative Studios, Dallas TX, as an animator.

Film and GameographyEdit

  • FOX/IDT: Everyone's Hero (Feature Film: 2006)
  • Disney: The Wild: Opening (Feature Film: 2006)
  • FOX/BlueSky: Ice Age 2 Toolkit (DVD Extra: 2006)
  • Exclaim: BOZ Video Series (DVD: 2006)
  • FOX/BlueSky: Tour of Booty Short (DVD Extra: 2006)
  • Hasbro: Action Man: X Missions Movie (DVD: 2005)
  • FOX/BlueSky: Robots PSA (DVD Extra: 2004)
  • Bungie: Halo 2 Game Cinematics (Xbox: 2004)
  • GIJoe: Ninja Battles Movie (DVD: 2004)
  • GIJoe: Valor vs Venom Movie (DVD: 2004)

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