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This article is about the Pelican dropship. For the Sabre fighter used during Operation: UPPER CUT, see Bravo 029.

Bravo 029 was a UNSC Pelican stationed on the UNSC Spirit of Fire during the Harvest Campaign in 2531.

Operational HistoryEdit

During the battle, Bravo 29 delivered reinforcements after Sergeant Forge and his troops secured a landing pad for it. In the aftermath of the battle and the UNSC Marine Corps securing a Forerunner structure on the surface, it ferried Professor Ellen Anders to the surface to investigate the said relic.[1]

Bravo 29 was also present during the First Battle of Arcadia ferrying UNSC survivors to a rendezvous point on an impact crater on the outskirts Pirth City.[2]

List of appearancesEdit


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