Bradley is a commissioned Commander in the UNSC Navy, and was the temporary head of UNSC Infinity crew while Infinity was assigned to be diplomatic over-watch near Ealen IV.


On March 5, 2558, Infinity lost contact with Lord Terrence Hood's peace conference down on the surface of Ealen IV. Bradley was made known of this by Lieutenant Jespersen who informed him that Sangheili and Jiralhanae ships also confirmed the communications black out. Bradley then asked Lieutenant Ryder for a tactical assessment, only to have Ryder inform him that they can't see a thing on the planets surface due to the plasma distortion that the planet generated. Lieutenant Gomez suggested that they send a battalion of ODST's down to the planets surface. However, Bradley refused telling her that they can't drop a battalion down on a diplomatic meeting. Jespersen then informed Bradley that the Jiralhanae demand an answer for why the communications were being blocked. Bradley then told Ryder to keep trying to make contact with the ground while Bradley retreats to the Captain's ready room to speak with the Jiralhanae.[1]

Soon afterward, Bradley was informed by Lieutenant James that Chieftain Lydus' forces were preparing to attack Thel 'Vadam's fleet. In order to stop the ships from engaging one another, Bradley quickly order James to move Infinity between the two fleets. Jespersen then informed Bradley that Lasky was trying to contact Infinity. Lasky informed Bradley that the Covenant Remnant had disrupted the peace talks down on the planet.

Dead Commander Bradley

Bradley killed by Clayton's attack on the Infinity.

Likewise, Bradley informed Lasky of the situation in orbit and patched him through the Sangheili and Jiralhanae ships. Lasky told the two fleets to stand down, informed them that the Covenant Remnant ambushed the Summit, and told them that they need to cooperate if their Ambassadors are going to survive. The two fleets rallied with Infinity and were able to successfully drive Vata 'Gajat and his forces from the planet.[2]

Bradley was killed when the station fired its glassing beam through Infinity.



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