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The Bouncing Items Glitch is a Halo 2 glitch that causes some items, especially Plasma Grenades, to bounce when dropped on a moving elevator. This glitch can be seen in the Campaign level, The Arbiter


As the elevator in The Arbiter goes down toward the room where you battle more Elites and Grunts, throw a Plasma Grenade upward. When it hits the floor of the moving elevator, it should bounce up and down without exploding. It will explode when the elevator stops.

You can do this with as many Plasma Grenades as you want. This also works with weapons, if you dual wield and then drop one.

Explanation Edit

Plasma Grenades do not explode until they "stick" to a valid target, such as a character. They bounce off of all other surfaces. Throwing the Plasma Grenade upward in a descending elevator causes it to bounce almost infinitely, as the peak height of its bounces relative to the elevator's floor will never decrease until the elevator stops moving.


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