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Bonita Morelli is a Human living in New York City on Earth.


Although married to Corporal Jason Morelli, a Marine in the ONI Signal Corps, in 2552 she has been having an affair with Simon Brown during his long absence. She is the mother of Jersey Morelli.

She met Jason Morelli on the Churchill Ferry in New York, where he dazzled her by talking about music from the 1940s.[1]


She is only mentioned a few times in the I Love Bees story line and only in passing when it is revealed she's having the affair:

Excerpt of Reflected.wavEdit

Listen to reflected.ogg here. Reflected.wav was a short file excerpt where Durga reported to Jersey Morelli that his mother was having an affair:

  • Durga: ...Absent from home and current tour of duty 513 days. Mother, BONITA, 41, waitress. Covertly seeing a man named Simon Brown, every other Thursday at the Waterfront Hotel..."
  • Jersey: Son of a BITCH!
  • Durga: Last meal together at the hotel restaurant: farmed tuna salad for her. 'Meat of the Day' and red sauce for him. Tipped eight percent of the bill...
  • Jersey: Alright stop, stop, Jesus stop already! Dammit Mom!


  • She is likely to have gone on dates with Simon on the following days: July 20, August 3, August 17, August 31, September 7, and September 21.[2] After Jersey confronted her about the affair, it is possible she changed her routine as she no longer had to maintain secrecy.


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  2. She sees him every other Thursday, each axon chapter is a week apart, and we know the final chapter includes the date of the invasion.