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Tactical operations conducted in this vast gulch train soldiers to withstand the bloody toll of protracted combat.
— In-game description[1]

Bloodline is a remade version of the Halo 2 map Coagulation included in the Halo 2: Anniversary portion of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.[2]

Bloodline also includes the Gungoose, which is a version of the Mongoose modified to bear a front-mounted M67 LAW. Gungooses will be used in a new Capture the Flag gametype variant called Gungoose CTF.[3]

Changes from CoagulationEdit

  • The bases are now of UNSC design.
  • Many UNSC vehicle access bridges have been added to the map.[4]
  • The dynamic element to Bloodline is a switch on the bases that sends out an EMP wave.
  • Both bases now only have one level. Where the drop-down and gravity lift used to exist, there is now an entrance/exit to the base.
  • In place of the Banshees, there are now Hornets, and the Scorpion tanks have been removed.
  • Two subtle beams of light have been added to show players which base is which.
  • The teleporters have been removed and replaced with two Valhalla-esque man cannons.
  • Rather than having three pine trees to provide cover for the cave entrance near red base, three concrete pillars have been used.
  • A base has been added in the centre of the map.
  • The raised walkway near red base has been given additional cover in the form of a column of rock, covering a section of it.
  • Many additional routes to the top of the bases have been added.
  • There is slightly less greenery in the map.



Concept ArtEdit



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