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  • Aya787

    Heyo! Aya here.

    Before you go any further, I warn you that there may be spoilers for books if you are reading the books, so in you don't want to get spoiled about something, I suggests coming back and reading this later. But please come back read and please come back and comment below, I will always answer back.

    Ok, so I've been reading the Halo book series like you guys probably already know, hopefully, right? And you know that in my last Personal thoughts post I made a big deal about something that happened in the book. Like for instance in the last personal thoughts post I went on and on about one of the chapters where Master Chief and a few other Spartans were faced with a situation, that in my opinion, could have opened up to, probably,…

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  • FleroviumLivemorium

    This service record is recalled by Commander Oganessian

    Battle: Battle of Sanghelios

    Commanding Officers: Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam, Shipmaster Rtas ‘Vadum, Commander Oganessian.

    February 1, 2568

    “The landing zone is clear,” comments the voice of an old war hero, Rtas ‘Vadum.

    “Good. Be sure to mind your head I’m dropping soon,” I report, “Lieutenant Fathree are you ready?”

    “I don’t know I never did like these drop pods.”

    “Come on have some fun,” I comment before being interrupted by the familiar acceleration of the drop.

    “Ah!” cries Ensign Fathree, “They should at least warn us!”

    “They usually do, but it’s more fun to see shinies have fits.”

    “I really don’t like you.”

    “You know you love me.”

    “Do I know I love you? Yes, yes I do.”

    “Knew it.”

    “Oganessian?” asks…

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  • Pinkachu
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  • ExplodingChickens

    Downfall of a Wiki?

    December 11, 2016 by ExplodingChickens

    In an argument not too long ago, I contested that Halo Nation still had greatness in it. I put forth the idea that we still have many visitors to this site seeking knowledge on a great but injured franchise and the deep lore and messages that surround it, the characters that inhabit it and the weapons and ships that usher in the endless war. All of that, I supported. Was I wrong?

    Do people read the edits that I make? Are the contributions appreciated, or even noticed? Do people know that wikis like this exist, these compendiums of knowledge created by fans, edited by fans, maintained by fans...sabotaged and attacked and divided by fans? 

    Do you suppose that the schism divided us too much, by fandom and admin and broad idealism? 

    Is this somet…

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  • Wilc0

    It has been almost 6 years since I first joined Halo Nation, which at the time was struggling greatly from the recent split from Halopedia. Many of the people that moved from what was now called Halo Nation vandalised the site greatly, either removing content or replacing it with vulgar things. At first I was interested in moving to Halopedia, as Halo Nation was nothing at this point. But because of the way I was treated there, I decided to stay on Halo Nation. Right around this time, Ultra Force was in the same situation as me, and we both decided to stay on Halo Nation. Going through the proper channels to rise in the ranks, we both ended up as Administrators in the mid-2011s. We were astounded by this at the time, as the Administrators…

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  • H.O.T.N

    Found new Easter egg (Maybe?)

    November 30, 2016 by H.O.T.N

    Soooo I was playing the halo: master chief collection for the first time on Xbox one and I got bored of it so I listen to each theme song for a bit and I went out and tried To log onto The Halo Channel and it went to the yellow startup and then suddenly it showed all blank when guilty spark (Chakas) went into frame talking about how he hijacked not that long ago. He started to think of his past, just after the halo event and showed AND talked about a meeting the lifeworkers about what will happen as of then after the mass extinction. There were all 7 monitors there (recognized 343, 049 and 2401) with four lifeworkers there, didn't tune in voices but his own dialogue and talked about how the 'lifeforms' were going back to their home world a…

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  • Wilc0

    Halo101: Halo: Combat Evolved

    November 15, 2016 by Wilc0

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  • Aya787

    Why Master Chief

    November 11, 2016 by Aya787

    Heyo! It's me again.

    Sorry I haven't been on for a while. No one read my last post, and figured everyone forgot about me.



    The truth is I had nothing to write about up till now, and no time in my life to write anything. Yeah, I know I said I would continue my psych evow on the Spartan-II, and I still plan to. But I haven't gotten enough information to continue. But I was talking to a friend during lunch the other day at school. I don't remember how the conversation started, but it eventually went to this next question. Why does everyone call Master Chief, Master Chief?

    I mean, I already know his real name, all of us who played Halo 4 do. And sure, 343 Industries and Bungie didn't want us to know his real name until Halo 4, I get tha…

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  • Dab1001

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  • Dab1001

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