• David 084

    I'm currently reading Halo: Smoke and Shadow which I bough for a couple of quid via Kindle. I am not a big reader but I have currently made it half way though this book. So far, I've actually been really enjoying it, some parts are a bit cliché, however I feel like the plot adds some nice background to John Forge which goes beyond his death and follows someone he's left behind, his daughter, Rion. We follow her as she tries to track down hat happened to her father. I also really enjoy that we follow someone who's not military, like Hunt the Truth, it forces the focus on to the character and the unravelling mystery rather than being all about action.

    As I got in to the book I wanted to look up some extra info on the characters and was surpri…

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  • Vektor0


    July 15, 2018 by Vektor0

    It is with great regret that I must inform the community of my resignation as an administrator of Halo Nation.

    When I first joined Halo Nation in 2013, I only intended to fix a few glaring grammatical errors on some pages. Grammar fixes eventually became rewrites, and rewrites led to template adjustments and using special pages to identify wiki-wide problems. I became more than just a transient visitor; I took on partial ownership of the wiki. I wanted to make this wiki the best it could be, and I take pride in what I and my fellow editors have been able to accomplish.

    As you know, Fandom recently began placing "Featured Article Videos" on many articles in certain Wikia-hosted communities. They began doing this without asking those communiti…

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  • Haloprov

    E3 hold loads of announcements waiting to be happened and today's Microsoft press conference did not disappoint. Right off the bat, a trailer for Halo Infinite was shown; showcasing the brand new Slipspace Engine that the game will be running on.

    Halo Infinite campaign is set right after the events of Halo 5: Guardians and depicting a story that is "much more human" than Halo 5s; giving more focus to the Master Chief. Halo Infinite also showcased 343's new artstyle direction, with Nicolas Bouvie (also known as Sparth), recreating and tracing back to the classic and historic parts of the Halo franchise and from fan feedback.

    To cap off this relatively short announcement blog, here is the announcement trailer.

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  • Colby James

    You know as I have been wanting to write a blog for sometime now ever since I been looking at what happens to Stacker and Dubbo on Installation 04 it's about time I write one.

    Yes we know Staff Sergeant Marcus P. Stacker later a Gunnery Sergeant as of Halo 2 and 3 and later Master Sergeant prior to Halo 4 now he is alive and well as of Halo 4 with the Infinity. and what about Private First Class Chips Dubbo for the record yes he is still PFC as of the Halo trillogy and another quote is how did he even manage to escape from Installation 05 and how did it happen maybe that is for another time,

    Now all of us not many yes do care but here's my theroy what might have happened but don't take things too seriously about what I am about to say,

    • 1. It'…

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  • Monitor 267-Esclarion

    Sometimes when I look at the difficulties menu, I wonder which Halo difficulty is canon. As I look at other people's blog about the same topic, most blog told the reader that herioc difficulty is canon because in the halo 1-3 it said in the description of herioc difficulty: This is the way Halo was meant to play. However, I was skeptical about this so I researched I found a very old Halo book telling about the Flood. In this book it was mostly about the Level: Guilty Spark in Halo:Combat Evolved it said that once Master Chief exit his pelican he could found several shotgun which is true if you played that same area in Halo:Combat Evolved on Easy difficulty you can find several shotgun and ammo. However, if you played any difficulty higher …

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  • Dab1001

    Yesterday, Halo Wars 2s latest piece of DLC, Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare, was released. It contains an entirely new campaign, a cooperative multiplayer mode known as Terminus Firefight and two new leaders: Pavium and Voridus. In addition, as part of the update that brings Awakening the Nightmare, two new multiplayer maps, Mirage and Fissures, were added to the game. Both new maps are available free to all players, but the new leaders, Awakening the Nightmare campaign and Terminus Firefight are limited to owners of the DLC only.

    Awakening the Nightmares campaign stars the two new leaders, the Brute brothers Pavium and Voridus, in five entirely new campaign missions (and three Blur cutscenes). Under orders from Atriox, the two Jiralhanae …

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  • Dab1001

    Today, after almost three months of eager anticipation, the remainder of the Xbox 360's catalogue of Halo games is now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. As of less than two hours ago, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 4 can all be played on Xbox One, without requiring any additional purchases (provided you own the games on 360).

    As with all games on Xbox One, these games must be installed before they can be played. If you own a physical disk, simply insert it into your console and it will prompt you to install the game. Meanwhile, those who own digital copies will find the games waiting in the "Ready to install" section of the "Games & apps" program. Note, however, that digital copies of Halo: CEA are n…

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  • Dab1001

    Earlier today, the latest and final piece of DLC in the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass was released: a new leader called Yapyap the Destroyer. Yapyap is a Grunt who has led a revolution against the Banished, and he fields several units that are new to Halo Wars 2.

    Among Yapyap's arsenal are the Grunt Goblins, which act as his hero unit, and he can field up to three at any one time. Additionally, Yapyap has access to the Methane Wagon, a vehicle which (once unlocked from the leader power menu) can be trained from main base structures. He fields two new infantry units: the Brute Rider, a Grunt which rides on a Brute's back, and the Heavy Grunt, a squad of Grunts, one of which holds a Fuel Rod Gun. Finally, although not a unit, Yapyap is the first leade…

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  • Dab1001

    Yesterday, two pieces of DLC dropped for Halo Wars 2: Operation Spearbreaker, a two mission long mini-campaign, and Serina, a new multiplayer leader.

    Operation Spearbreaker follows a squad of highly-trained ODSTs in their mission to save the from a Banished plot which threatens to destroy it. The squad, led by Major Vaughan, acts as a hero unit throughout the mini-campaign and contains a sniper, engineer armed with a Rocket Launcher, three ODSTs with Suppressed SMGs and a drone. Meanwhile, the antagonist of the story is Colony, a DLC leader introduced in April.

    Serina as a leader focuses on ice-related powers, similar to Anders in Halo Wars. In place of Hellbringers, Serina fields Cryo Troopers, who freeze their opponents rather than burn the…

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  • Aya787

    Heyo! Aya here.

    I'm writing this blog today on the Arbiters. Not just Thel 'Vadam, the Arbiter of Halo 3 and 5, but all the Arbiters that came before him. The long history of the Arbiters. (I'm doing this because my brother asked me about this subject earlier today) This entry may be a lot shorter than most of my entries, only because I can only remember so much without looking back at a video that I cant remember the name of, and the fact that without the video and the original Bible Story of the Halo universe I know very little legit stone hard facts. So not all of what I say may be close to the truth. And if I have something wrong, please let me know. And I will post the link to the video I was talking in a later entry. (Once I find it, …

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